PARLUX is one of the principal hair care brands recognized worldwide and has been active in the market since 1977, distributing products in more than 60 countries. PARLUX is always looking to propose superior quality accessories and tools for the hair world. This is the reason it rules the hair market of different countries and when it comes to Australia, it is the most loved brand for hair dryers. No matter, whether you travel to European countries or other continents, you will find everyone confirming the same.

The most up-to-date hairdressers rely on the efficient hair drying quality of PARLUX . It does so by meeting their challenging requirements through various professional tools to provide reliability and high performance. The best part about PARLUX is that it provides ground-breaking technologies when it comes to design, testing, and assembly aimed at meeting each and every demand of the customers.


PARLUX is a brand that originated in Italy and has been active in the hair world for more than 40 years. With more than 16 millions of hairdryers produced and sold during these years, PARLUX has become the most obvious choice at the domestic and international hair world when it comes to shopping the finest hair dryers.

Every PARLUX product is prepared in their high-security factory located in Italy at Trezzano sul Naviglio (Milan). Before the products reach the professional market, they are controlled, tested, and verified by their internal research laboratory. The reason their entire production takes place in Italy makes it a must to shop the best hairdryer which is having a convincing tag PARLUX -MADE IN ITALY!


The aesthetic profile is what defines the design of PARLUX. Geometric shapes with simple and clear lines provide the much-needed simplicity of use and the perfect ergonomics. “Simplicity” is what actually makes PARLUX the brand it is today. Made out of modern and high-quality materials, PARLUX has been the industry leader for decades.


PARLUX always look forward to renewing and improving the potential of its products. With the passing of time, modern technology has come into the picture known as IONIC & CERAMIC system and PARLUX has made full use of the same. The modern hairstylists just cannot do it without this as it has made the drying of hair quicker while still taking care of the natural hair moisture.

The collaborative effect of negative ion charge and ceramic allows heat to directly get radiated into the hair without getting the hair’s external structure dried. This latest technology makes the hair softer, shinier, and healthier by preserving the natural moisture in the air and it does so by transforming water drops into micro molecules which eventually get absorbed by the hair.


PARLUX always believes in creating ecological products that have a low-environmental impact but never compromises on the quality status it owns as the best professional hair product manufacturer in the world.

  • Use of recyclable materials with no toxic paint
  • Environmental friendly packaging
  • Low Noise with built-in silencer
  • Energy saving through quick drying
  • Ozone friendly with zero harmful emissions


  • Strongest Materials Prevents breakages through strong casing
  • Great Consistency All products are of high quality
  • Awesome Reliability Adheres to strict international & national standards
  • Perfect Silence Silence guaranteed with noiseless motor
  • Perfect Balance No vibration whatsoever
  • Superior Quality Always looking for improvement
  • 100% Durability Every Parlux product guarantees minimum of 2000 hours usage
  • Great Efficiency Maximum air power flow in cubic meter/hr
  • Vibrant Color Options Choose your favorite color amongst many available
  • Convenient Choices Choose hair dryers based on budget, size, power, and more